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Sound Dog Studios specializes in helping artists achieve their creative goals through multi-faceted production support. Whether your songs are ready to go or you're looking for help to develop your ideas into a final product, SDS is here to help.  Our production team has experience in nearly every musical genre and collectively has over 100 years of experience.  We are performers, musicians, engineers, technicians with the degrees and hands-on, real-world production experience to back it up.


Whether you need a complete end-to-end engineered recording, just vocals, or some extra tracks to sweeten your mix, SDS has the tools and the know-how to capture your sounds to get the most from your performance.  As musicians we know the importance of working in a comfortable and relaxed environment.  We get the little things right -- like having a great headphone mix -- that can make or break an inspiring take.


SDS is setup to professionally record or sweeten voice overs delivered by you or our in-house talent.  We have a wide array of microphones from Electro-Voice, Neumann, Mojave, Sennheiser and Shure, matched with preamps from Universal Audio, Grace, and others. to capture the perfect character and tone.


The demand for professional audio for video has skyrocketed.  From voice overs, to stock music, to original underscores, SDS can perfectly match the audio levels to your video, with just the right balance, equalization, depth, and impact.  Live concert footage, audition submissions, corporate marketing and training videos -- SDS has you covered.


Plenty of projects require editing to clip, enhance, sweeten, and shape single selections, or to merge multiple tracks into a seamless whole, often with creative mashup artistry.  SDS is expert in all facets of editing and is ready to help achieve your vision.

I needed to lay down tracks for a song and John worked with me, pushing me and my project to the next level. I loved working in his space and performed better than I ever have before in a studio environment because it was such a chill space.
— Connor K.


Creative possibilities are endless during the mixing stage.  Your tracks or ours -- both work for us, no worries.  SDS is happy to use your recorded material as a starting point or we can track from scratch or enhance with overdubbed parts.  Simply upload what you have to our cloud drop site and we'll import your tracks right into our digital audio workstation.


Mastering is the final creative step in the production of a piece of music.  Once mixing is complete, mastering adds that extra 10% of polish on top, and when creating an EP or album, mastering is all about making the selections sound like they belong together.  While today's audio capture and manipulation tools offer powerful capabilities, creating a professional, radio-ready final product takes skill and experience.  SDS mastering services are available standalone to complete your pre-mixed project, or as part of a complete production package.


The SDS team is ready to support your original music needs - big or small - from theme songs and jingles to full length movie, documentary, and video underscoring; from audio for event presentations and live performances, to background music for website videos and power point slide shows.  SDS staff are also trained arrangers of horn, string, and ensemble parts, as well as experttranscribers using industry standard Finale publishing tools.


Recording isn't simply capturing a sound.  It's capturing the essence of the artist.  At SDS, our staff includes a marketing and graphics team who can help create a brand as unique as your music.  A cohesive, recognizable brand helps define you and your websites, albums covers, logos, fan gear, and business cards so they stand out from the competition.  SDS stands ready to promote your creative work through its network of industry contacts via a variety of production deals available to you.